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Black Cuff
Paulla Ewoldsen
Haven’t received yet

haven’t received shipment yet

super cute

Great experience, wonderful people, and beautiful rings! Will probably purchase from them again.

Amazing soap

Purchased this soap twice. Never fails it’s great for my sensitive skin and It smells amazing

Clear Sparkle Cuff
Vivienne Cadena

Clear Sparkle Cuff

It was meant to be

I happened to pick up a zodiac ring at their stand just to take a look, and it turned out to be my actual zodiac! It’s so simple, minimal and amazing for people with serious metal sensitivities. I bathe & wash my hands with it no problem! So worth it! I wish I got her name, the lovely lady with puffs & glasses was a total sweetie. Thank you so much for all your help & great conversation! Definitely buying from here again :)

Simply Beautiful

I got the gold with ruby stone and i love it. her work is amazing and beautiful.

👽 👽 👽

these alien earrings are sooo cute! i purchased them at melrose trading post, and zoe is the sweetest person ever. i can't wait to wear these!

So cute!

I wear this every day and it goes with everything! So glad I got this

So Elegant!

Love this ring! It pairs perfectly with the matching earrings that I couldn't resist buying after. Zoe was so kind in adjusting the ring too :)

Beautifully crafted and a lovely gift for my friend <3 I’m sure she’ll love it

I love Zoe and her pieces!!! They’re absolutely beautiful and wroth the investment. I’ve bought a necklace from her a year ago and it’s still as beautiful and untarnished as ever! These earrings are also so beautiful and I love the blue shift in the light

Love it! Pretty and comfortable

Adorable and comfortable to wear! Adds some sparkle to your day :)

Too cute

It hangs so beautifully around my neck, even while sharing the chain with another charm


This is my wedding ring now and I adore it so much


I absolutely love these earrings <3 They literally caught my eye from across the convention hall

So cute!

I love this cuff so much!! I've always wanted a cuff, but could never find cute ones :( It is durable and doesn't feel like it will break when I slightly bend it open to wear.

Stargazing Adjustable Gold Ring

Best little earrings !

I bought these on a whim, but I'm very glad I did. They don't hurt my ears at all, and they're incredibly lightweight. I can sleep in them no problem too. They're subtle but cute, which I really appreciate. I got to talk to Zoe too, and she's just the kindest. It feels good to support her shop, it's worth it in all respects. Do buy a pair if you're looking for a cute, low-maintenance, daily-wear set of earrings.

Boba Tea Earring - Strawberry
Keilani S Takeuchi

Absolutely adorable little studs!! Love that they’re hypoallergenic so I don’t have to worry about anything!!

Beautiful Necklace

Super great quality and beautiful piece. Nice to wear anywhere. Thank you!

so pretty!

super cute and pretty, very light as well!

Druzy Earrings
Beautiful & lightweight

Bought a pair of these lovely earrings at the vegan festival. The druzy are stunning! Great workmanship— they look delicate, but are strong. Many compliments already!

Can't leave home without it

If you want to know how much I love this chaptstick, I realized I couldn't find it the other day when I was about to leave the house, then literally spent a half an hour looking for it. The thing about that is I already had like 4 other chapsticks in my bag but I literally wouldn't leave until I found this specific one.
I've always had a good handful of different flavors in my bag. Now I think I might only carry one cause this is easily my favorite!

it unlocked my bfs hunter/gatherer instincts

Love the smell and love how i feel after a shower even more. I work a super physically demanding job with long hours so most days when i get home im so exhausted ive come to despise having to get up and take shower when all I wanna do is pass out. After I bought this, I'm literally at work and so excited to come home and take a shower just so I can use this soap.. A lot of soaps leave a weird residue that I hate but this soap leaves me feeling so clean. I love it! The second I get my next paycheck I'm getting another one just so I can have one at my Fiance's house too.
On that note, I took it over to his house and asked him to try it before heading to work. Later on I asked him how it went, to which he then described how he was so taken by this soap and the oat pieces inside that he began picking them all out. When he had the oats in his hand he was then so consumed by the urge to eat them that he had no choice but to hurriedly shove them all back into the bar of soap in order to banish those thoughts.
Which i think means he liked it. Also he said the smell was really nice

Drop dead gorgeous

Came across this shop at KCon and fell in love with their booth ! Got this ring and quite a few other pieces and absolutely fell in love 💕
LOVE the fact it’s adjustable but doesn’t lose its quality either !