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Designing handmade products for happy people is a dream come true. Read up below on the smiles and joy we've brought to the world.

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Love them!

They are really light weight and comfortable and super pretty!

Cloud earrings

I love these earrings but unfortunately after one wear, when I took them out the little cloud faces came right off the earring

Stargazing Adjustable Gold Ring

So Happy

My friend lost her black cat during the weekend and I wanted to get her something to remember him by. I saw these earrings and had to get them for her. She loves them and since they are hypoallergenic she can wear them with no issues.

Love it

Picked this up at Calgary Expo yesterday and I just love it. Stunning little piece of jewelry. The service and care was wonderful!

Sparkle Moon Charm Bracelet
Megan.Miss Goemans

Sparkle Moon Charm Bracelet

Leaf ring

Absolutely beautiful ring. Bought it for my daughter's 12th birthday. She loves it! Great quality and Zoe is a super lovely lady.

Beautiful necklace

Found this lovely necklace at Calgary Expo caught my eye almost immediately...spoke with Zoe for a few minutes as she explained her products and decided it was the perfect gift for my special someone. It felt just right buying something special because of the personal friendly service...oh by the way my special someone loves it


There are so many cute choices! But these doughnuts are by far the cutest!!I love them, they are light and make me happy

So happy!

I received my jewelry back and it was such a simple process. Thank you!

Emerald Silver Ring
Lex Robertson

I'm so happy with my ring! Zoe took such care in helping me find the right size and ring that would work for my daily life! She was so kind and clearly loved her work.

The ring fits absolutely perfect, it's super comfortable, and is sensory friendly! I have a hard time with rings feeling like they're poking my other fingers but this one fits just right. Not to mention it's absolutely gorgeous and high quality! I've already gotten so many compliments on it! Highly recommend her business!

Versatile and Adjustable!

I love that this cuff can be wore three different ways! 2 ways on your left ear and 1 way on your right. Also I love how malleable the cuff! I can adjust the fit or curve the moon more into my ear, etc!

Super pretty

I love the Pearl ring that I got. Zoe was super great and helped to re-size the ring so that it was a perfect fit. 10/10 excellent purchase!

Lucky find

I stumbled upon this jeweler at a recent convention. I almost zoomed past the booth but I am so lucky to have stopped in my tracks. I have been on the hunt to find pieces that match my moon earrings and ear cuff. I was so excited to find a necklace and a bracelet!
The seller was so sweet and attentive because I was asked which length I prefer my necklace to sit at and the bracelet was adjusted to better fit my wrist. I also highly appreciate that the pieces are hypoallergenic and won’t irritate my skin. I am so very happy with my purchases ❤️

Great customer service. Very sweet, informational, & accommodating. Chain is beautifully made & so cute on! 🤩

Mahalo! 💛🤙🏽

Moon and Star Conch Cuff
Victoria Hipsher

I love wearing this piece with my other cuff. Can’t wait to grow my collection 😍

Dainty Butterfly Huggie
Victoria Hipsher
Can’t wait to grow my collection

The pieces are beautiful and I can’t wait to get more!

Shimmer Moon Hoop
Amy Lieberman

Soooooooo cute and the perfect not too big but statement piece size. Super light too!

I’m so happy for my ring thank you very much


I love this piece! I’ve been wanting a necklace like this for years, so seeing this design was perfect for me! It’s my daily default necklace and I love catching sight of it. I’m so happy it’s gold fill so I can look forward to years of wear.

Star and Crescent Moon Earring


Absolutely beautiful necklace! The sun is a great shape and goes well with everything! 🤗

Tiny Star Dangle Cuff
Jessie R Atkins

It was beautiful and so well made. However I have to lose a star because it fell off not even 2 hours after buying it 🥹

Love love love

I love the butterfly ring I got. I just want to know if you guys are planning to sell those crochet coin pouches online.


I absolutely love these earrings. They are so dainty but eye-catching in the best way! A perfect understated but still statement piece! Thank you!