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Jewelry Care Tips and Repairs


For jewelry repairs, please visit our Jewelry Maintenance Service

We also offer Replacement Chains for necklaces.



The Happy Goods fine jewelry lines are handmade.  Each design is handcrafted.  We have a no return, no exchange policy. If you are one of our regular shoppers, then you know we take care in our work and our designs.  If you do your part, then you will have our pieces in your collection for a­ very long time.    

    To take care of your Fine Jewelry sterling silver and gold filled pieces do the following:

      1. Keep your jewelry dry. Avoid continuous use in the shower or spraying perfumes directly onto your jewelry.
        2. Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.
          3. Store your jewelry in a safe place.
            4. Clean and Polish your sterling and gold filed jewelry as often as needed (at least twice a year) with a cleaning cloth. You can purchase a Jewelry Polishing Cloth here.



              What Happens if my Jewelry becomes Unattached:

              Each design is handcrafted with care, attention to detail, and the intention for lasting, daily wear. 

                Sometimes things happen. 
                  We value you and the pieces we create.  We know many of you have collected our designs going on two decades.  You are not a customer - you are part of our Happy Goods family.

                      If something happens, please follow these steps so we can take care of you:
                        1. 1. Send us an email at hello@happygoodsunlimited. The email should include a picture of the item so that we can see what's wrong. Based on the picture, a determination will be made as to the repair cost.
                          1. 2. You can then purchase the appropriate service off the Jewelry Maintenance Service listing on our site and mail your piece to us. Your purchase covers the cost of your repair and return shipping.
                            1. 3. When we receive the item, you will receive an email with an accurate estimate as to when your piece will be ready to ship back to you. Turn around time is 1-2 weeks, with 1 week being our average.
                              1. 4. When the item is fixed, we will ship back your piece and send you a tracking number. Your new and improved piece arrives at your doorstep ready to wear!