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Welcome to the club of happy people! We are for everyone that believes in their own uniqueness, and values the awesomeness of  others. We like you (that's why you're here) and are super excited to work together.


Below are the 7 details of our Brand Ambassador program. Please review. You will receive a digital copy via email after you submit the Brand Ambassador form. By submitting the form, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms below.


🌟1. As a Happy Goods Brand Ambassador you receive:  4 items per campaign. 3 of the items you pay for at the reduced price offered to brand ambassadors and the 4th item is a freebie. The freebie is chosen for you by us.
🌟 2. Items available to purchase through the Brand Ambassador program are predetermined based on the products scheduled for promotion during that period of the year.
🌟 3. As an ambassador you commit to providing 5 brand approved photos per item and 2 brand approved short videos per item (3-15 seconds). Therefore, a total of 20 photos and 8 videos per campaign. More is always welcomed! If you need a different set of requirements, please message us so we can come up with a plan that works for you.
🌟 4. New Brand Ambassador boxes are available to purchase every 3-6 months. You can choose whether you prefer to partner with us on a quarterly (4x per year) or bi-annually (2x per year) basis.
🌟 5. Brand Ambassador contracts are reassessed every 3-6 months based on the ambassador's commitment ability (defined as the desire to meet expectations, desire to adjust to fit content needs, etc), and brand's commitment to offering space for other interested ambassadors. We love nurturing long term partnerships so most of our ambassador contracts are extended.
🌟 6. If required 20 photos and 8 videos are not met per campaign, the ambassador owes full value of items including sales tax.


🌟 7. Question: What does a "brand approved" photo and video look like? - Answer: Brand Approved photos and videos communicate who you are. Photography is a powerful way to express your personal identity. All brand approved shots reflect the ambassador's unique energy and spirit. They are vivid, authentic, and capture you enjoying your life and being yourself while wearing Happy Goods merchandise. Focus on photographing and videotaping genuine moments that you want to share. It's you we like, so just be yourself!


Ambassador Requirements

    ✔️ Tag us in your Instagram posts
    ✔️ Follow @HappyGoodsUnlimited
    ✔️ Create and submit Photos of you using Happy Goods products
    ✔️ Create and submit Videos of you using Happy Goods products
    ✔️ Have fun and be yourself!