Handmade goods for Happy people!

Become a Brand Ambassador

Bring happiness to your community, and Get discounted items

🌟 I created this Ambassador Program to make my loyal customers the face of my brand. You all are the happiest people I've ever met and your faces are what I want brightening up the Happy Goods Instagram feed. Join the program and you're rewarded with first dibs on all my new designs at an awesome discount.


🌟 There are NO minimum purchase or minimum followers required to become an ambassador! I just want a team of awesome people who believe in my mission to spread heartwarming, empowering messages of happiness, joy, peace, love, and humanity into the world.


🌟 The most important factor I look for in a Model Ambassador is their selfie game. Are your photos well lit and have good contrast or are they blurry and yellow with too many filters? If your account is on private or you don’t have any selfies on your Instagram, your application will be placed on hold.  Then you can reapply and resubmit again.


🌟 I review applications every month and approve as many of our supporters as possible! If you receive a welcome email then you’re in, and if you aren't accepted it just means we already have a ton of Ambassadors interested in the same category. Thank you in advance for applying.

How To Join

    ✔️ Sign up with your details
      You’ll get approved if you have good engagement with your following and awesome selfie skills.
        ✔️ Get your first discount code
          A welcome email will arrive with your 30% off code to make your first Happy Goods purchase as a Model Ambassador.
            ✔️ Get the goods to photograph
              Get creative with photos by taking well-lit selfies and flat lays for us to post on our feed and stories. You can also post to your social media account to brighten up your own feed.




              Photography tips to keep in mind:
              • Make sure you are using the highest quality resolution on your phone.
              • Use a DSLR if you have it.
              • No selfies with you holding your phone. Use a timer or have someone help you with the shoot.
              • Use bright natural light so we can see the details of your face and the apparel. Only unedited photos in full color, please no filters.
              • Always make sure the product above all else is in focus, a blurry design doesn't sell well.
              • Don't cover up the product; each aspect of the design needs to be easily seen. No hair, clothing items, or hands covering the design please.
              • Make sure there is enough contrast in the background for the item to pop. Example, don't wear white earrings, with a white shirt, on a white background.
              Promotion tips for better engagement:
              • Post only tall photos, so they fill up more space on people's phones.
              • Zoom into photos so you can see the design clearly, so it's the main focus of the image.
              • If you're posting photos to your personal account, include the price, product details, and where people can go to make their purchase.
              • Use at least 5 hashtags when you post that includes the subject matter of the artwork: think less #kawaii and more #rainbowearrings
              • Promote each product a few times to your audience with different photos. On average only 3% of your audience sees your content anyway.
              • Most importantly be yourself! The truer you are to your unique personality the more you will connect with others who have similar goals and perspectives. Remember, there is only one YOU!