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Hummingbird Earring

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One or two happy thoughts about this fun earring from the designer.



    ✓ Handmade and unique, just like you
    ✓ Hypoallergenic + Nickel-Free
    ✓ Perfect for Sensitive ears

    Stainless Steel for sensitive ears
    Magnetic for non-pierced ears
    Titanium for extremely sensitive ears
    14K Gold-filled for gold sensitive ears


    • Made-to-order by hand
    • Water resistant but not waterproof (not recommended for pools or daily showering)
    • Earring size 0.3 inches
    • Ships from our small business in California



    Stainless steel: Perfect for those with sensitive skin

    Hypoallergenic and surgical grade makes our stainless steel earrings the perfect backing for people with sensitive skin. Wear these earrings all day, everyday! 

    Magnetic: Perfect for those without ear piercings

    No piercing, no problem. Every style is available with magnetic earring backings made from a comfy magnetic disc (designed for all day comfort with no pinching). Plus, the magnets are strong so they stay on for daily wear and are hypoallergenic too! 

    Titanium: Perfect for those with extremely sensitive skin

    Made for our most extremely sensitive earring lovers. Titanium will not irritate even the most sensitive skin, (less than 0.6% of people on the planet are allergic to it) and it will never tarnish or rust. If no metal has ever worked on your ears, titanium is for you.

    14k gold-filled: Perfect for those who can only wear solid gold

    If you can only wear solid gold, you can wear our 14k gold-filled earring studs. Quality studs made in the USA, they are hypoallergenic and safe for the most sensitive skin.  Plus, the metal doesn't rust so earrings keep the solid 14k gold layer without tarnishing wear after wear.

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

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    C Ruiz
    They’re so cute!!!

    Hummingbirds have a special place in my heart so when I saw these earrings I knew I had to get them.


    Hummingbird Earring

    earrings :)

    these are the most reliable and adorable earrings i have ever purchased.

    Got at Animanga Ontario

    I have sensitive ears but love to wear earrings. It's not often that get to and when I do I can't wear them for very long. Even so I was a sucker for these when I saw them at her booth. I saw they were for sensitive ears, but with my past experience with earrings that say such I took it with a grain of salt. (Usually only platinum plated earrings stems don't bother me.)

    I wore them after I got home yesterday and have been wearing them all day today. I can't even tell they are there! Not once have these cute earrings bothered me. I will definitely buy earrings from her/here again seeing as my ears actually don't throw a fit over them!

    Bonus, because I am neard: my Patronus is a hummingbird so it's like I'm walking around sporting my Harry Potter love without shouting it.

    Amazing customer service and adorable jewelry!

    I visited the Happy Goods Unlimited booth at the Melrose trading post. The lady selling the adorable earrings and necklaces was so sweet and welcoming! No one else at the flea market was so kind and friendly :) I just had to buy a pair of cute hummingbird earrings! I love them and I wish I could have bought more earrings :D