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Succulent Candle - 3 Pack

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These handmade succulent candles are super cute and the size of a standard tealight. Add a happy atmosphere to your home or office! You can use these candles as a beautiful decoration in your space or light them for ambiance.

*Each candle is unique. Please select your candle style preferences. We can not guarantee you will receive the design you choose; however, we will do our best to match the style as close as possible.


♥ 1.5 inches in diameter

♥ Each candle has a steady burn life of 4-5 hours

Customer Reviews

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Michael L Farris
Beautiful and handcrafted candles!

When I got them home and gave them to my wife she started to cry because the cactus shaped candles were so beautiful! What a genuinely loving personality the owner, who's name is Luv, was also! Great product and a wonderful experience!