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Peach Tea Soap - Sweet Peach and White Tea

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A fragrant blend of sweet peaches and fragrant white tea leaves the skin fresh and delicately scented.

Hand-crafted soap enriched with nourishing Shea Butter. Creates a creamy lather to leave skin radiant and moisturized. Plus, our 5 oil blend evens skin complexions and reduces breakouts.


High quality ingredients ensures each bar is a premium product. Our cold process soap making method offers a level of luxury that only handmade products carry.

✓ 5 oz Bar
✓ Wrapped for freshness
✓ All natural ingredients
✓ Made in the USA


The Handcrafted Soap Making Process - via Tiffany M.



Organic Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Corn Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Essential Oils, and Fragrance.




  • Olive Oil
    • prevents acne
    • creates soft skin
    • contains Vitamins A, D, E, and K
  • Soybean Oil
    • helps skin retain moisture
    • rich in Vitamin E
    • restores collagen
  • Coconut Oil
    • minimizes wrinkles
    • exfoliates
    • treats acne
    • reduces inflammation
    • helps dry skin conditions such as eczema
  • Corn Oil
    • reduces blemishes and age spots
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
    • regenerates new skin cells
    • creates natural glow
  • Organic Shea Butter
    • softens and strengthens skin
    • stimulates collagen production
  • Water
  • Sodium Hydroxide
    • an essential ingredient for cold process soap
  • Essential Oils and Natural Fragrance
    • aromatherapy properties


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