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Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Shower Steamer - Set of 3

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Take a steamy shower with invigorating aromatherapy scents of pure essential oils.

Turn your shower into a mood-transforming spa experience with our in house blend of eucalyptus. With every inhale and exhale the fragrant mix of essential oils energizes the mind and uplifts the spirit while making you feel cheerful and happy.

Each steamer lasts 3-4 showers depending on the length of your bath.



Happy Me shower steamers are the perfect way to pamper yourself, relax, and calm your spirit. A little treat to bring you bliss everyday!

Upon fizzing, the shower steamer releases a powerful aroma of essential oils that can relieve sore muscles, and promote relaxation.

♥ Wrapped for freshness
♥ All natural ingredients
♥ Made with love in the USA



To Use: First steam up your bathroom and shower with hot water. Close bathroom door and turn off bathroom fans for the ultimate aromatherapy experience. Place one steamer on the shower floor or ledge. To activate the aromatherapy, allow some water to hit the steamer or drizzle some on. The shower steamer will begin to diffuse. Breathe in deeply and relax.

Pro tip: Keep shower steamer away from the direct stream of water. The best location is the opposite side of the shower head where the water lightly hits down. If too much water hits the steamer it dissolves quicker.

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Michael L Farris
Fresh and Clean

After trying these bath bombs it makes my skin and My lungs feel fresh and clean thank you for a wonderful product!!