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Forever is Composed of Nows

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Sent on February 6, 2023


"Forever — is composed of Nows –"

The Poems of Emily Dickinson


The Basic IDEA

Enjoy the simple pleasures, focus on the little moments, brush off the small worries, feel pride in the obstacles you overcome because these experiences will make up, what is in the end, the fullness of your life.

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Digging Deeper

Emily Dickinson’s iconic poem, Forever is Composed of Nows, presents the idea that every small moment is happening “now” and collectively adds up to “forever,” or a lifetime.

What seems so intangible and distant is actually being created out of the experiences you have every day.

Similarly, regardless of who you are, you have recurring moments — centered around home, family, relationships, work, nature, technology, play, adventure, joy, and trauma. 

These are the “nows” that appear, throughout your life, in unexpected ways, if you stop to notice. Like beads on a string, they make up your “forever.”

 Press Release by AIR Gallery's Exhibit "Forever is Composed of Nows"  Feb-Mar 2020


Two Things for You to Try This Week

1. That thing you want to do, that you never make time for, the one that would only take less than an hour of your day but you can't seem to squeeze into your schedule - do it.

2. Call up one of your good friends, a relative you really love, or a person who has made a significant impact on your life, just to say hi, and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Have fun out there

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